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3rd Annual Vintage Trailer Campout Lake Havasu City

3rd Annual Vintage Trailer Campout

3rd Annual Vintage Trailer Campout – Lake Havasu

Engaging in adventure is fun. It keeps the enthusiasts alive. It is a favorite pastime for many. There are many ways to be involved in adventure. Exciting as it may sound; driving through the desert is a sport that many engage in.

This year the event is taking place in February 2-5, 2017. It is for old trailers that are from 1975 or older. Vintage trailers can participate. This year is going to be the third year for the event.

The city is wonderful and serves as a beautiful setting for the event.

Once in a while we need to take a break from the regular life. This time not only excites us but also rejuvenates us if spent well. Relaxing doesn’t imply hitting the sack and staying there the whole day. Engaging in an activity that we can connect with helps to de-stress.

This is dry camping event that intends to give the participants an opportunity to go hiking trails and for a beach walk. Those bringing in devices can plug them into point provided for charging.

As for the events during the days, there is a Meet and Greet at 6pm in the group area. Participants can bring their snacks and share. This is on Friday. For Saturday there’s the open house at 10am to 3pm. Be ready for the potluck too on Saturday evening.

A cup of coffee in the morning in the group area is part of the plan too.

Other activities that organizers want the joiners to go for are hiking trails, beach walk and visit to cactus garden.

It is advisable to sign up at the earliest since registrations are already open. January 1 was the first day and Cherri and Mike are the contact persons. Pay the registration fee in the venue.

The details are also available in the website. The phone numbers to contact are 928-505-2730. You can also send in your queries to

After long period of inactivity or sticking to routine everyone feels great to do something different. It is the responsibility of the stakeholders in the society to think of how to keep people entertained. Activities that are filled with some kind of physical movement. Trailers aren’t a very commonly seen vehicle. Only some own them. This event is an opportunity for trailer owners to bring their favorite vehicle out in the open and allow it to breathe.

Others can join the owners as friends and families.

Those interested and enthusiastic about the event should be on the lookout for such ones that are an opportunity to get to know other like-minded people in the city.

Lake Havasu city knows its dwellers like to have fun and from time to time they take steps to organize events that see people participating in droves.

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