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7 Questions Your Home Inspector Should Be Asking

When you are making the decision to buy a home, a thorough home inspection is an absolute must before you buy. Whether you are a seasoned homebuyer or looking to buy your first home, here is a list of seven questions that your home inspector should be asking.

  1. Is the home structurally sound? The most qualified home inspectors will be from a home inspection company that is licensed in the practice of engineering. As a homebuyer, you want to make sure that your home inspector can tell you not only if the home is structurally sound, but also what you’ll need to pay to make it sound.
  2. What work needs to be done to the electrical system? Your home inspector should meticulously check the electrical system of the home. Red flags include aluminum electrical distribution wires and outdated electrical systems that won’t stand up to modern usage.
  3. What is the state of the plumbing? As a homebuyer, you should know that plumbing is not something to be taken lightly. Your home inspector should be on the lookout for lead and galvanized steel pipes. Replacing large sections of your new home’s plumbing will be costly and may possibly delay your move in date.
  4. Are the heating and cooling systems practical? If your new potential home has and inefficient heating or cooling system, you’ll want your home inspector to let you know. You may need to add on the cost of energy-efficient heating and cooling system that is better for the environment and won’t cause your energy bills to skyrocket.
  5. What is the quality and source of the water? Your home inspector should be asking many questions about the source and quality of water provided to the home. Homes that use a well or a septic system come with a unique set of challenges to you as a homebuyer.
  6. Are there optional tests needed beyond a regular inspection? If there are areas of the home that raise red flags for your home inspector, they may ask to have additional tests performed. These tests are beyond the normal scope of a home inspection and may include testing for lead in the paint, testing the materials used to insulate the home, and more.

We hope you find this list of questions your home inspector should be asking helpful! Contact Lake Havasu City Properties today for all your questions about buying your new home.

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