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Arizona State University Opens in Lake Havasu City Blog

We know have a university! Located in the center of the City with a panoramic view of Lake Havas City. Not only are we a popular spring break spot, some of the students stay here after break!

The Lake Havasu campus was an effort that started in 2004, when the local community founded the Havasu Foundation for Higher Education.

In early 2012, the partnership with ASU was announced and work commenced on renovating an unused middle school that was a perfect location for the campus. The community raised $2 million through fundraisers and donations to help pay for the campus, Iannone said.

Lake Havasu offers all the coursework for 10 undergraduate major programs that are very popular on the other campuses. These majors include communication, life science, psychology, sociology and political sciences.

All the coursework for these 10 programs is located entirely in Lake Havasu and is taught by 12 doctorate-level professors that live in Lake Havasu.

Right now there are only about 120 students enrolled at the Lake Havasu campus, but the plans are to grow the campus to have around 2,000 students, Admissions Advising Counselor Laura Shuffler said.

The Lake Havasu campus provides a lot of personalized attention and one-on-one interaction with professors, which can be very helpful for students.

The campus has a very small-town atmosphere, and everyone, students and staff, know each other and are dedicated to each other’s success.

The base fees at Lake Havasu that have been proposed for the next school year are about $6,418 for Arizona residents and $9,508 for non-residents. This is significantly cheaper than the $10,002 residents and $23,654 nonresidents at campuses in the Phoenix area would pay.

Lake Havasu is about a three-hour drive from Phoenix, so some resources are harder for students to get. However, the campus has video conferencing capability to connect students from the same major, students have access to all the same resources through my ASU and they can request books be mailed to their homes.

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