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Tips on staging your home decor

Tips on Staging your home to sell

Tips on staging your home decor

You cannot deny the raw power of first impression, especially when you are going to sell your home. Whenever a potential buyer visits your home, your earnest desire is to impress them with a ‘WOW’ factor of your home. Unfortunately, those days have gone to oblivion when you could impress a buyer with a coat of paint and good clearing. Now, if you want to sell your house for top price as soon as possible, you need to include those entire fantasy elements to your place that compels a buyer wishing to live there. In short, you need to romance it a little and that’s why here comes some effective yet budget-friendly home staging ideas exclusively for you.

Say Good Bye to Clutter

One of the essential home staging steps is to get rid of clutters and the major contributor for the messy look of a home is having too much furniture. Whether you are preparing your home for sale or improving its look to a refined, beautiful and polished standard, you should whisk away in so far as half of your furnishing to make the space look much bigger. Make it a rule that whenever any new furniture comes in, you should say good bye to an old one.

Brighten up with Right Lighting Scheme

Undoubtedly, lighting plays a significant role in home staging to look it warm and welcoming. With the right lighting scheme you can boost your home staging project and for that purpose, it is essential to increase the wattage in lamps and fixtures. Chalk out the plan such as total of 100 watts for every 50 square feet space.

You cannot rely on just single fixture for every room; rather make the proper use of three types of lighting scheme: ambient (for common space or overhead), accent (for table and wall) and task (for pendant, under-cabinet or reading).

Transform or Repurpose Rooms

For home staging, room transformation or repurposing is a great idea to add valuation of your home. You can change the look of a room simply adding a small table, a comfortable armchair and a cozy lamp in one stairwell corner and make it a perfect reading spot. Or else, you can also convert your basement into a yoga studio or meditation room by laying inexpensive rubber padding or draping fabric on the wall.

Bring Variation with Wall Hangings

Don’t indulge in the mistake of hanging some great piece of art in highline surrounding the room as those stereotype spots can make your pictures, painting and prints almost invisible. So, you need to break the line and make them stand out by varying the patterns and groupings.

Let the Nature Come Inside

You can grace your home staging ideas the right use of fresh flowers and costly orchid decorations. But you can take your staged home to the next level by inviting nature in the interior of your home. While growing fern fronds indicate the arrival of spring, summer blossoms insert the splashes of smiling colors. You can also put some natural effect in the interior of your home by selecting nature-inspired accessories and neutral paint color schemes.

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