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Foothills Estates Real Estate

Foothill Estates: Is an exclusive single-family residential community in Lake Havasu City. This unique setting provides recreational and southwestern desert dwelling opportunities unparalleled in the desert southwest. The Community is located amongst the desert foothills. These foothills provide privacy and a unique sense of exclusivity while enjoying dramatic desert, lake and mountain views.

Their philosophy is the sensitive integration of a unique architectural image within the natural desert environment. Their goal is to achieve “harmony with nature” by blending all improvements with the existing Mohave Desert and the surrounding mountains. The unifying theme for the community is the enhancement of the natural desert within a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing community.

They are well suited to justifying such a philosophy. The Community it is bordered on the west by the distinct features of the seven sisters and Lake Havasu while on the east by the Mohave Mountain range. Most building sites throughout the property have access to close-range views of the mountains, vista views across the Colorado River Valley and Lake Havasu. The expression of architectural and landscape design must be responsive and complement the desert environment, rather than dominate these features and views.

Our philosophy encourages and fosters quality design in architecture and landscape where individual home site owners, and the community as a whole, bear the responsibility and agree to cooperate to achieve the goals of “harmony with nature.”  Along with the architecture and landscape design emphasizes an organic inseparability between residences and the desert landscape.