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    Are you a hardworking, professional licensed Realtor?  Would you like to join a professional real estate company?  If yes, you came to the right place!

    The company was founded by Dean Baker in 2006, however the story started many years before.  It was a scorching one hundred plus degree day in the high desert of California, Dean was 17 years old and pouring a concrete foundation for a new Spec. home with his father a general contractor, when an impressive car drove up to the work site, a clean sharp dressed man stepped out signed some papers with Dean’s father and drove away.  Dean asked, “what, was that all about Dad?”  His father explained, that was the real estate broker who just sold the home that we were building by hand.  Dean asked, “how, much money does that guy make for selling a home?”  His father stated, he will make more money than us pouring the concrete and framing of this home!  After that occurrence Dean began selling real estate at age 18 in California while completing his senior year of High School for that same broker.

    It was 14 years later and Lake Havasu City Properties was opened with very humble beginnings.  “My company was founded in 2006, in the worst real estate market in history with 1 salesperson, myself and my assistant.  I was fortunate to sell 3 million dollars of Lake Havasu Real Estate in our first year.  As of today the company is on target to close $50, 000, 0000 million in Real Estate, we have over 200 listings and 180 rental properties.  This is all due to my hard working professional team of 55 salespeople.  I knew when I founded the company it was risky, compounded by the industry falling apart with a record number of foreclosures.  Plus the additional risk opening a 7,000 square foot real estate office that had sat vacant for 3 years with 10 agents!   I did however recognize if we could thrive and succeed in the worst of times we would be here for the long term.   This year marks my 22nd year of selling real estate in Lake Havasu City, I remember the days when I was selling lots for $6,000 and a brand new homes including the lot for $59,900 turnkey!  Even considering the ups and downs Lake Havasu Real Estate has been a solid investment and we have come a long way.  I am proud to say that we are a home grown local real estate company!unnamed